A New Beginning For A Brighter Future

BDR is now Beyond Dragons & Relativity Publishing!

Beyond Dragons & Relativity Publishing logo

We’ve been working secretly on this for the past several months. A new name that captures the essence of what we’re trying to do: to bring more wonder into the world through fiction.

BDR has taken different forms in achieving this goal. First it was a book developer helping writers learn to write, with a focus on speculative stories with magic, technology, and more. As time passed, BDR shifted to publishing. We wanted to help writers achieve their dreams of sharing their books, to help readers find wonder filled with escapism.

As we’ve grown as a company and found our footing (and prepared multiple series to rapid release over the next few months), we decided it was time to find a name that matched who we are as a company, who we are for our writers, and who we are for our readers.

A company of fantasy, of science fiction, of wonder in every story.

Beyond Dragons & Relativity is a name dear to us, and we love the logo even more. We hope you can love it, too, and that our dragon can be recognized across the internet sphere and book spines.

bdr publishing dragon logo

What’s Next In BDR’s Future?

We’re not stopping at a name and logo change. We have four series ready to release and hit the shelves in a rapid-release strategy. We developed this strategy based on research of what works in indie publishing and niches that large presses can’t accommodate.

A few of the first titles of these series have already been released or announced, and we’ll be releasing them shortly with the rest of the series. But we have more series that haven’t had any books released at all. And their authors are eager to release their stories into the world.

We’re also beginning to accept more submissions and will be updating our submission guidelines at the beginning of September. So watch out for news about that!

Lastly, we’re working on creating a regularly-released short story anthology based on what we truly believe in: wonder. We’re still ironing out the details (our dragon is most helpful for steam), and we expect to announce more details on it soon.

Where to find BDR Publishing

Besides our website, we also have several social media pages. We already stealth updated our logo on these, so they’re ready to go.

You can also join our newsletter for monthly updates, especially if you don’t want to miss book announcements or the anthology’s call for submission.

Join us on our quest for all-things-wonder on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.