Summer Reading Challenge: Read a Book From a Different Genre

Ok let’s admit it. We all have about 2-3 genres we like to read from (or maybe just 1 for some) and we don’t like to vary from those genres. There are probably even a few books that we have read multiple times. There is something comforting and safe about reading from a genre that you are familiar with. So now we are challenging you to break out of your comfort zone and read a book from a different genre. Read from a genre you have either never read or hardly ever read. 

Benefits to Reading Outside Your Favorite Genre

Read outside your favorite genre
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When you think about the reasons you read books, one of the biggest for most everyone is for pleasure. But reading shouldn’t be just a fun pastime but an avenue to learn and have personal growth. The more you step outside your comfort reading zone, the bigger your chance will be to make new discoveries and experience a shift in your perspective. 

Reading is an amazing adventure and every time you open a book you are finding new gems. If you keep sailing in the same sea you will keep finding the same gems. So it is time to mix things up and find a book outside your favorite genre. Check out our previous blog post that talks more about Reading Outside Your Favorite Genre.

How to Mix Up Your Reading List

Changing up your reading habits and varying your reading genre is easier said than done. It can be difficult to adjust your reading list to new diverse genres. We have some tips and tricks that can help you as you step into the unknown or unfamiliar. 

read from a different genre
Mixing Up Your Reading List
  • Read multiple books at the same time. It can be easier to alternate between a new genre and a familiar one.
  • Go slow. Incorporate one new type of book at a time. 
  • Seek for recommendations. Friends, family, co-workers may prefer books you normally wouldn’t go for and they can help guide you to their favorites.
  • Utilize book reviews. This is a great way to discover if you will be wasting your time or not. Before taking a dive off the deep end you can make sure you are aware of at least the basics.
  • Read a book off the bestseller list or that won an award in its specific genre.

Remember as you are branching out you may find a new favorite genre or discover things about yourself you never knew. Check out this list for book genres from Reedsyblog. Good luck!

Read a Book Outside Your Favorite Genre
Read a Book Outside Your Favorite Genre