Summer Reading Challenge: Read a Book from your TBR List

If you are anything like me, your to be read list is forever growing. The TBR list grows faster than the have-read list. This is our fourth challenge for summer reading and it is time to take a hard look at your TBR list. Locate that book or books that have been sitting on your list for more than a year. We all have those books. The books that you’ve always been meaning to read but something else always comes up.

Summer reading challenge
Summer Reading Challenge #4

Challenge yourself to read the book that you want to read but have been avoiding for one reason or another. Also ask yourself why you haven’t read that book yet. If it is a book you are no longer interested in then take it off. However, if you are still planning on reading it then there is no better time like the present. 

BDR Publishing Team’s TBR List

Read a book from your TBR list
BDR Publishing’s TBR List

Here are some books that some of BDR Publishing team has had on their TBR list for a while and are determined to knock out:

Why Books Remain on the TBR List

There are many books available to read and many reasons why individuals choose one book over the other to read. Some books may remain on your TBR shelf for years. Here are just a few reasons why books might remain on your to-be-read list. 

Read a book from your to be read list
To Be Read List Grows Bigger Daily
  1. Overwhelm: With so many books to choose from, readers often accumulate a long list of titles they want to read. It can be challenging to prioritize and make time for each book, leading to a backlog of unfinished reading.
  2. Changing Interests: Readers’ preferences evolve over time, and books that were once highly anticipated may lose appeal or get overshadowed by newer releases. As a result, these books linger on the to-be-read list.
  3. Limited Time: Busy schedules and other commitments can impede progress on reading goals. With limited leisure time, it’s common for individuals to have books on their list for an extended period as they gradually work through it.
  4. New Discoveries: As readers explore recommendations, they often encounter new books they want to read. This can cause previously chosen titles to be pushed back, creating a backlog of books waiting to be read.
  5. Intimidation: Certain books are known for their complexity, challenging themes, or dense prose. This can make readers hesitant to tackle them, leading to prolonged periods on the to-be-read list.
  6. Prioritization: Some books require a particular mindset, level of focus, or commitment. Readers may choose to save these books for a time when they can fully immerse themselves in the reading experience.
  7. Time constraints: People lead busy lives with various commitments and responsibilities. Finding the time to devote to reading any length of books can be difficult.

It’s important to note that individual reading habits and preferences vary. While some people may actively work through their to-be-read list, others may embrace the spontaneity of selecting books based on their mood or current interests.

Read a book from your to be read list
Read From Your TBR List