National Poetry Month: The Beauty of Words

By Ashley Rands, Marketing

It is time to immerse ourselves in the beauty of language, to explore the depths of emotions, and appreciate the power of expression through verse. You guessed it, it is National Poetry Month. Let this month be a reminder of the profound impact poetry can have on our lives. 

Celebrating Diversity in Poetry

One of the most beautiful aspects of poetry is its diversity. From classic sonnets to contemporary free verse, poetry encompasses a myriad of forms, styles, and voices. National Poetry Month encourages us to explore this diversity, to delve into the works of poets from different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences.

Poetry has the power to transcend boundaries, offering us glimpses into the lives of others and fostering empathy and understanding. Whether it’s the haunting verses of Langston Hughes, the poignant words of Maya Angelou, or the evocative imagery of Pablo Neruda, each poet brings a unique perspective to the table, enriching our understanding of the human experience.

Engaging with Poetry

National Poetry Month provides the perfect opportunity to engage with poetry in various ways. Whether you’re a seasoned poetry enthusiast or a newcomer to the art form, there are countless ways to participate:

  1. Read Poetry: Dive into the works of your favorite poets or discover new voices. Visit your local library or bookstore, explore online poetry collections, or follow poetry journals and publications. Let the words wash over you, igniting your imagination and stirring your emotions.
  2. Attend Poetry Readings: Many communities host poetry readings and events during National Poetry Month. Attend a local poetry slam, open mic night, or author reading. Engaging with poetry in a live setting can be a transformative experience, allowing you to connect with both the poet and the audience.
  3. Write Poetry: Don’t be afraid to try your hand at writing poetry yourself. You don’t have to be a professional poet to express yourself through verse. Grab a pen and paper, or open a blank document on your computer, and let your thoughts flow freely. Remember, poetry is a deeply personal form of expression, so don’t worry about adhering to any rules or conventions. Write from the heart, and let your words speak your truth.
  4. Share Poetry: Share your favorite poems with friends, family, and colleagues. Start a poetry book club, create a poetry-themed playlist, or post excerpts on social media. Sharing poetry is a wonderful way to spread joy and inspiration, sparking meaningful conversations and connections along the way.

Virtual Poetry Events Happening in April

If you search live poetry events near me you are sure to find several in your area. However, we found a few things you can participate in right from the comfort of your home. 

  • Poem-a-day. Every calendar year there are 12 poets who are asked to curate one month of the weekday poem offerings. Enjoy a poem everyday directly into your inbox. Featuring more than 250 new and previously unpublished poems by today’s talented poets. This is not just for April’s enjoyment but every calendar month of the year. 
  • Join thousands on social media who are celebrating this month with the official hashtag #NationalPoetryMonth. You can also follow the Academy of American Poets on Twitter and Instagram @POETSorg. 
  • Start listening to The Poetry Magazine Podcast. You can listen to poets share what keeps them writing and their own poetic journey.

National Poetry Month invites us to celebrate the beauty of language and the power of expression. It’s a time to embrace the diversity of voices that enrich the world of poetry and to explore the boundless possibilities of the written word. Whether you’re reading, writing, or sharing poetry, take this opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of verse and let it illuminate your soul. As the poet Robert Frost once said, “Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.” 

National Poetry Month
National Poetry Month