Indie Monster Horror Reading Recommendations

By Ashley Rands, Marketing

What is breathing hot air down my neck, the unknown shape in the water, or the footsteps tip-toeing in the attic? If you are ready for some monster horror book recommendations then we have a few that might shock, terrify and maybe even repulse you. 

Here are five indie monster horror reading recommendations that will get your heart rate up and keep you up well past your bedtime. 

Monster Horror Reading Recommendations

Monster Horror Reading Recommendations

Below by Laurel Hightower book cover


Laurel Hightower

This book will definitely keep you up at all hours of night. Below will creep you out and keep you guessing. Addy is on a road trip to a horror convention. She is driving through the mountains in a late-night snowstorm. She has car trouble and almost hits a van in the middle of the road. A charismatic truck driver lets her use his CB radio. She is behind his truck when it suddenly jackknifes off the side of a bridge. As she climbs down the embankment she is met with an unexplainable creature with haunting red eyes. She has to choose between helping this stranger or climbing further down where reality has shapeshifted into a living nightmare.

The Grimy and the Greedy by Meaghan Curley book cover

The Grimy and the Greedy 

Meaghan Curley

If you are into ghosts, demons, and hauntings from the grave then this book is for you. The two main characters, Fizzy and Fiddy, are trying to deal with their own grievances of the recently deceased Jeanette Sobriquet. She was odious in life and even more so in death as she has certain demands that must be met. There is a lot of humor woven into this story and you might find yourself laughing out loud with this book. 

Summer Terrors by Black Ink Fiction book cover

Summer Terrors (Holiday Horrors) 

Black Ink Fiction 

Although this book’s theme is all about summer terror, don’t let that stop you from reading this great collection of horror microfiction tales. These short drabbles are perfect to read just a few at a time or devour them all in one sitting. These creepy curiosities will really leave you thinking and get your heart pumping.  

Near the Bone by Christina Henry book cover

Near the Bone

Christina Henry

If you are looking for a gripping thriller with supernatural elements this monster horror book is the one for you. Mattie has lived with William for as long as she can remember and she must not upset William. She is trapped on a mountain and must survive more than one kind of monster. One day Mattie discovers a mutilated body of a fox in the woods and she realizes that they are not alone. We never know who to be more afraid of – the beast or William the psychopath. 

Colony by Benjamin Cross book cover


Benjamin Cross

This book packs in all the elements of mystery, thriller, and monster horror genres. It is set in the Russian Arctic and we follow Dr. Callum Ross as she makes a discovery of a lifetime: a prehistoric ice mummy preserved for thousands of years by the sub-zero temperatures. However, they didn’t die of natural causes and there is a traitor among his team who begins to sabotage the whole project. That’s not the only problem. Him and his team are left stranded on the island when they discover they are not alone. This is a nail biter of a read.

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Indie Monster Horror Reading Recommendations

Do you have other monster horror reading recommendations? Drop us a line below and share your recommendation. 

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