2023 Kick Off Summer Reading Challenge for Grown-Ups

2023 Summer reading challenge
Summer Reading Challenge

Make a splash this summer by joining our summer reading challenge for grown-ups. Summer reading programs are not only reserved for kids but grown-ups too! With all the fun summer plans sometimes reading can be pushed to the wayside. It is vital to make time to read even for adults. Give yourself time to step back from the stresses of life and give you a much needed breather, even from all the fun! 

We have 6 reading challenges for you to tackle this summer starting June 1st (today!) and ending August 31st. That is just two challenges a month and we are excited to complete this challenge with you. 

Here is what on our reading challenge list:

  1. Read an anthology
  2. Read a book adapted into film (TV series or movie)
  3. Read a debut novel
  4. Read a book from your TBR list
  5. Read a book from a different genre (one you don’t frequently read)
  6. Read a book you can finish in a day (this one is easy!)
Summer Reading Challenge 2023
Summer Reading Challenge 2023

We will check off each item every other Monday. Be sure to check back each week as we will have some amazing recommendations to help you complete your summer reading challenge for grown-ups! Also be sure to follow our newsletter.

Reading is extremely beneficial for adults. It expands your understanding of the world, increases empathy, and encourages creativity. Summer reading is also a great way to relax and unwind. 

Be sure to follow our newsletter for updates on upcoming book releases and any missed announcements.

Summer reading challenge for grownups
2023 Kick off Summer Reading Challenge