Great Reading and Book Blogs to Follow

By Ashley Rands, Marketing

Finding the right book or discovering insightful reviews can be a delightful adventure. Book blogs play a crucial role in guiding readers through this literary maze, offering diverse perspectives and recommendations. We have found some of the best reading and book blogs to follow that will surely help you on your reading journey. 

Book Riot

Book Riot Reading Blog

Book Riot is a vibrant and inclusive community of readers, writers, and book lovers. Their blog covers a wide range of genres and topics, including book recommendations, author interviews, and discussions about the latest literary trends. With a team of passionate contributors, Book Riot provides a fresh and engaging take on the world of books.

Spells and Spaceships 

Spells and Spaceships Reading Blog

If you are looking for a great SFF (Science Fiction and Fantasy) book blog then look no further. Alex does an amazing job running the site and his interviews with authors are always enthralling. He also hosts Norsevember which is a great reading challenge. 

Out of This World SFF

Out of This World SFF Reading Blog

This blog is also geared towards fantasy and science fiction novels. The focus of this blog is on new and upcoming books from less-known presses and independently published works. Nick promises to always give his honest opinion of these SFF books. He believes in “shining a light on books that may not be getting the attention they deserve for whatever reason”. 

Goodreads Blog

Goodreads blog

As a popular platform for readers around the globe, Goodreads doesn’t just connect people with books—it also hosts a fantastic blog. The Goodreads Blog offers a mix of book recommendations, author spotlights, and literary news. With its massive user base, Goodreads ensures a diverse array of reading suggestions.

Electric Literature

Electric Literature reading blog

For readers who crave unique and diverse literary content, Electric Literature is a must-follow blog. Focused on promoting a wide range of voices and perspectives, this blog covers everything from short stories to essays, making it a valuable resource for readers seeking something beyond mainstream recommendations.

A Literary Escape

A literary escape book review blog

This book blog mainly focuses on fantasy fiction but you might see the occasional science fiction and non-fiction review among the fantasy ones. You will also see a lot of Indie published books reviewed on her website which is sure to mix up your reading list to books that don’t always get a ton of hype. 

The Literary Vault

Literary Vault reading blog

Do you want to read a book review blog run by a 13 year old girl? That alone is intriguing for a reading blog. She started publishing stories at the age of 10 and is an avid reader and bookworm. Her reviews make the books come alive. 

The Book Smuggler’s Den


They call themselves “an honest book review blog”. This blog promotes self-published authors and is always striving to offer honest opinions. They also include occasional author interviews and strive to help the writing community understand the ways of writing and promoting books. 

In the vast landscape of reading and book blogs, these recommendations provide a diverse array of perspectives and insights. Whether you’re a fan of mainstream bestsellers or niche literary discussions, exploring these blogs is sure to enhance your reading journey. So, dive into the world of words, discover new books, and let these blogs be your companions in the delightful adventure of reading. Happy reading!

Reading and Book Blogs To Follow