The Hiatus is Over

The last 18 months have been long for everyone, and we’ve especially felt those months at BDR. While we’re mostly remote, many of our editors and staff took turns taking time off to deal with illness, loss, and stress of a pandemic. Social media presences slowed down, blog posts stopped, and book releases slowed.

However, we have not given up! We’ve spent the rest of our working hours editing, preparing books for releases when it was the right time. We’ve written blog posts, created new social media posts, and updated our website.

We’ve also rebranded a bit, though the books we’re releasing are going to remain the same. We just wanted our name to match our mission: publishing books for the enjoyment of all.

Fall into reading with us and prepare for the feast of books we’re about to release!

The Haitus is Over
the haitus is over blog title

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